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Advertising umbrellas are effective if you want to promote your brand. These are highly versatile and cost-efficient. No wonder most companies, whether big or small, have their own version of advertising umbrellas.

However, there are certain factors that will make your ‘umbrella campaign’ even more effective. Below are some of the things you have to consider.

What makes an effective advertising umbrellas?

The quality of your umbrellas should be outstanding. Remember, it also represents your brand. You wouldn’t want your merchandise to be useless, would you? It would be a pain seeing your umbrella in the trash! That is why one should use quality materials that can withstand different weathers. It must be something that can be used during rainy seasons or summer. Of course, you would want your umbrellas to be seen all year round, if possible. You shouldn’t get something that can only last for a couple weeks.

You have to make your umbrella stand out. That is possible if you use bold and eye-captivating colors. Look at it this way – imagine if hundreds of people are carrying their umbrellas. If your advertising umbrella is ordinary-looking, it will just blend in. Quite frankly, it’s just a waste of money.

Again, we would like to highlight that your umbrella must stand out from the rest. Apart from using striking hues, opt for unconventional umbrella designs. People will naturally notice it and that’s another point for your campaign.

Lastly, you have to make sure that your logo or brand is clear and can be seen from your advertising umbrella. Try to maximize the space and avoid printing small images. It has to be clear even from afar. This means, you have to choose a company that can clearly print your logos on your advertising umbrella. If not, then the entire campaign will be a flop.

Choosing the right company to do your advertising umbrella

Now that you know the criteria, the next step is to look for the right supplier. Do the following and work with the best one in the market.

It’s good to do searches online but that’s not enough if you want to get the best quality. You have to visit the physical store or at least ask for a sample to see the materials used. Have a team of experts that will check the product. In addition, let them use the merchandise repeatedly for days. Don’t forget to ask samples with logo printed on it. That way, you can gauge if it is clear and long lasting.

Providing good products is just one factor. However, you should also consider if they can deliver on time. Remember, advertising umbrellas are part of your promotional campaign. There should be no delays as it will affect your schedule. The best thing to do here is to contact the company’s previous clients and check if they have delivered what they promised. If most of them give a thumbs up, then that’s a good sign.

If you want a reputable team that can provide quality advertising umbrellas, call us right now!

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