Corporate Umbrella Gifts

Corporate events are events conducted by every company. These events are usually attended by the employees, families, clients and other esteemed guests. These events are normally attended by the stakeholders of the company.

Corporates have a gifting culture when it comes to these events. All guests are given gifts like mugs, t-shirts, pens etc. They try and find the best and unique gifts that can be given to the stakeholders. This is a marketing strategy as well as the branding on these gifts is done in a way to make an impact.

Corporate companies have in recent times found another unique gift that can be gifted. The umbrella with the logo of the company is a unique and handy gift that can be given out. The umbrella can be used all year round in Singapore especially with the different whether conditions. It is not necessary limited to the rainy season anymore. It can be used during the scorching heat of Singapore and can protect from the mist during the winters as well.

The umbrella can be in a black or dark color meaning it can be for both gender and is not gender specific. The umbrella is also foldable which makes it easy to carry around and is not a hassle. The corporate logo on the umbrella is not only seen by the user but by all people where the umbrella is used. This is a brilliant and affordable marketing strategy.

Ming Kee are an umbrella factory with state of the art umbrella’s that can be gifted by corporates during different events and different festivals. They make quality umbrellas with extremely good printing that can make the umbrella seem a product of the companies that are gifting them. Ming Kee integrating umbrella’s to corporates.