Endorsing Through Umbrella: What to Consider in Umbrella Advertising?

Amazed? Why Umbrella…?  But yes as a matter of fact businesses are bringing umbrellas into play for creating awareness about their brand to people. Whether it is a plain sun umbrella or a corporate golf premium umbrella, advertising is done by placing logos on it. But, the question remains are you considering all important points while endorsing through umbrella advertising.

Don’t worry, we recommend some major underlying factors to consider:

  • Attention and appeal is the most important thing, while designing the logo makes sure it looks eye-catching and enthralling. A good combination of design and color leaves potential impact on customers and they can recall it better. Moving ahead it is the Utility off course; Quality material should be used to give better grip and protection from blazing sun or rain. Customer would love to use the product more often if it gives utility; more usage leads more visibility and better endorsement of brand.
  • Fabric, Customer can develop brand loyalty only if your product provides quality and usefulness. Investment in quality fabric should not be overlooked. Better the material used, better the product performance and customer would feel delighted to use product more often if it stands up to the quality. More usage leads to promote the brand better and gain sight and interest of people.
  • Want to ensure that all information reaches to potential customer, then think of Space as well. While choosing umbrella advertising either on sun umbrella or corporate golf umbrella, make sure to use the space at its best to impart tag line, logo or any other information.
  • And to mention here, think about price point as well! Budget do matter and more importantly in Singapore the umbrella is used throughout the year so make sure that your company offers different price ranges.

All things considered, umbrella advertising is a gift for endorsing the corporate brand. Just keep few points before designing corporate or golf or sun umbrellas advertisements and then you are done to

make brand more noticeable to potential customer. Try not to miss out on the points mentioned above for effective umbrella advertising!!