How to Successfully Use an Umbrella as a Corporate Gift?

Umbrella is the most profound corporate gift that you can give to your employees. How? Keeping aside the brand promotion, you must have seen your employees getting stuck after office hours due to rain. So, it is a great idea to appraise them with corporate umbrellas as a means to help them overcome such situations and also promote your business outdoors.

Every employee of your company can be your brand ambassador when they carry your brand tagged umbrella along with them. A catchy logo or slogan printed on the umbrella will gain attention from the people around your employees, and they will take an interest in knowing more about your services and offerings.

Here are some of the best ideas that you can follow whilegiving away an umbrella as a corporate gift:

1. Make it ideal for travellers

If your business requires employees to travel, then a quality umbrella with your brand logo can create a good impression of your company in front of the clients. If your employee goes to fix corporate meetings with a client abroad or another city, then carrying a stylish umbrella with your brand logo will replicate the brand value. Keep the umbrellas small and handy for your employees to take around while they move.

Do not fill the corporate umbrella with extensive designs that won’t be very easy for people to decipher. Moreover, keeping aside the branding strategy, corporate umbrellas are the best gift for the employees as they can use it both during summer as well as the rainy season. Please focus on the quality to make it last for a long time to replicate a good impression of your company’s goods & services.

2. Keep an appealing presentation

The umbrella as corporate gift is an excellent idea for gifting the customers too, but you need to put emphasize on the presentation. The campaign can be made successful with awesome package designs too. Usually, the companies ignore the packaging and put the focus on the umbrella only. But the presentation matters a lot, so make sure you design the umbrella box as well to give a feel of a premium gift. Hire product designers to provide you with an idea about what kind of box and umbrella design will suit your branding the most.

3. Make it long-lasting too

The appeal quotient is one of the most important factors, but the quality is not a thing to compromise. The employees as well as customers will remember your gifts in terms of durability and longevity than just the look. Remember that your employees and customers are carrying your brand impression wherever they go with the umbrella.

So, if your umbrella is inferior in quality and looks bad over time, then that is the impression you are creating. Cost-cutting is not an option when you are investing in something that is promoting your brand. So, when you gift umbrella as corporate gift, hire the best designers as well as manufacturers.

Now, you have a few ideas to implement in your next marketing campaign. Make sure you consult a professional product designer to give you the right advice on selecting the design and quality of the umbrella.