Executive Regular Auto Umbrellas

Are you thinking of having corporate umbrellas for your business?

Then, GO FOR IT!

It’s an effective way to promote your company. At the same time, it is not as costly as placing advertisements on TV, radio, and print. You, your employees, and even your clients can use it.

But of course, to represent your company well, you should be able to choose the right type of umbrellas. If you have no idea where to start, then this is the perfect source.

The best corporate umbrella

As a brand, you should not settle for mediocre merchandise. It should be something impressive. The same applies if you are planning to have a corporate umbrella. Do you know why? It’s because your umbrella can speak a lot about your company.

Below are the things you have to consider.


Quality of the corporate umbrella

First of all, you have to choose an umbrella that can last for years. It shouldn’t be something that can be thrown away after using it for the first time.

Imagine if one of your clients received your umbrella. What impression will they have if it looks lousy and the materials are substandard? Believe it or not, they will likely connect that bad impression to your brand (even if you are providing the best products and services in your industry).


Types of umbrella

You also have to think about the types of umbrellas that will perfectly fit your company and your market. Do you think the foldable ones are good? Are auto-umbrellas better? Or would you like to get the golf type?

You should remove your personal biases here and think of the larger audience. Think about your employees or your clients – these are people who would likely use your umbrella.


Think of a unique design

This is actually a bit tricky. We understand that some people would like to integrate a lot of designs and icons in their corporate umbrella. It’s as if they want to maximize the space. However, having a lot of design elements can backfire too.

Generally, corporate umbrellas must be simple and should clearly show your logo or brand. After all, it is for brand awareness.

Save all the details in other platforms such as your social media pages or website. Perhaps you can be more creative with the style of the umbrella by avoiding the traditional shapes. Or maybe go for striking colors that will make it stand out.

Pick the right team for your corporate umbrella needs

You have to be careful in choosing a company that will make your corporate umbrella. There are a lot of companies but they are not created equal. That means you have to spend time searching for a credible source. Check the track record and see if they have delivered well. And don’t forget to seek for samples just to be sure of its quality.

Speaking of a credible company that can work on your corporate umbrella needs, Ming Kee Umbrella has more than 40 years of experience in the industry. They can certainly deliver according to your standards.

Give them a call and wow your employees and clients with your new company merchandise.