Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Corporate Umbrella Giveaway

One of the rules of the success for any company is to have a robust marketing and PR plan in place. This ensures that the brand’s name does not fade in the minds of its customers and business associates. There are several ways a company can plan a good PR activity and in a country like Singapore, an umbrella giveaway would appeal to all the factions of society.

Here are three top reasons why a giveaway is a good strategy for your marketing or PR activities.

  1. It keeps the Budget in Check: One of the main errors or mistakes that marketing people make is to go overboard with the budget that is allotted to them. Every business activity needs to evaluate the ROI they are getting on their activities, and that includes marketing as well. A corporate umbrella giveaway can be planned within a limited budget and would not have much logistics to follow up. Also, it is a product that would be favoured by the masses because of the unpredictable climate. You can easily get branded umbrellas for your giveaway.
  2. Visible Branding: The purpose of the giveaway is not just to create noise about your brand but also to have sustained brand visibility, which can be done through branded items that are giveaway to the public. An umbrella or even branded T-shirts would bring more visibility to your brand name than anything else.
  3. Suitable For Any Event Throughout The Year: A successful marketing strategy would have two types of elements – one that is seasonal or based on events and one that can give sustained branding throughout the year. A corporate giveaway can be planned anytime of the year and so if you find yourself struggling to come up with an idea for a branding activity, you can partner with an agency to whip up the best corporate t-shirt design or umbrella design and get started.